Thursday, 13 October 2016

Ancient Europe, Celts, Gauls

In 2005 four multiple burials were discovered near Eulau, Germany. The 4,600-year-old graves contained groups of (Black) adults and children buried facing each other.
Eulau Family
 Skeletal and artefactual evidence and the simultaneous interment of the individuals suggest the supposed families fell victim to a violent event. Genetic analysis of four bodies found in a 4,600-year-old grave shows that they belonged to a mother, a father and their two sons, who were buried together in one another's arms.

The neolithic remains, which belong to a man aged between 40 and 60, a woman aged between 35 and 50, and boys aged 4 to 5 and 8 to 9, provide the earliest firm evidence for the existence of nuclear family units.

They may also bear witness to an ancient massacre: they were interred along with nine others in four graves, and many of the bodies show signs of a violent end. One female had a stone projectile head embedded in a vertebra, another had a fractured skull, and others had cut-marks on their hands and forearms consistent with self-defence.

Most of the dead were children or women, and only one of the bodies belonged to a man in his prime. It is likely that these people were murdered in a raid by a rival tribe, before the survivors returned to bury their dead. A second grave may also hold a less conventional family unit: it contains the bodies of an infant girl, two brothers aged 4 to 5 and 7 to 9, and a woman aged between 30 and 38.
Burial Site
DNA tests show that the other two boys were probably brothers, and although the woman could not have been their mother, she is thought to have been a paternal aunt or stepmother. The baby's body has been too badly preserved for a family relationship to be established. Wolfgang Haak, of the University of Adelaide, who led the research, said that in each grave, the bodies were arranged in positions that appear to have been symbolic of their relationships. In the case of the nuclear family, the man and woman were placed face-to-face with arms and hands linked, and the two boys were also facing one another. This is unusual for graves from this period, known as the Corded Ware Culture after its typical pots decorated with twisted cords.
Results of the DNA tests indicate that in the Nuclear family, the Father was Y-dna R1a, the Mother was MTdna - KAs would be expected, finding Black people with the R1a gene has thrown White genetics into a tailspin.

(It was long thought that haplogroup "R" was a White clade, introduced into Europe with the Kugan (White people) migrations from Central Asia which started at about 1,500 B.C.). Therefore a NEW theory was needed!

These are the European/White Countries (with populations at the time) that did NOT purchase a single African Slave, but yet have many artefacts of Black Aristocratic 'Negroids', with all sorts of spurious, fantastic, fabled and incredible explanation:

Russia = 144,031,000
Germany = 81,459,000
Turkey = 78,214,000
Italy = 60,963,000
Ukraine = 42,850,000
Poland = 38,494,000
Romania = 19,822,000
Kazakhstan = 17,543,000
Belgium = 11,259,000
Greece = 10,769,000
Czech Republic = 10,535,000

Sweden = 9,858,794
Hungary = 9,835,000
Azerbaijan = 9,651,000
Belarus = 9,481,000
Austria = 8,608,000
Switzerland = 8,265,000
Bulgaria = 7,185,000
Serbia = 7,103,000
Denmark = 5,673,000
Finland = 5,475,000
Slovakia = 5,426,000
Norway = 5,194,000
Ireland = 4,630,000
Croatia = 4,230,000
Bosnia and Herzegovina = 3,750,000
Georgia = 3,707,000
Moldova = 3,564,000
Armenia = 3,010,000
Lithuania = 2,906,000
Albania = 2,887,000
Macedonia = 2,071,000
Slovenia = 2,065,000
Latvia = 1,979,000
Kosovo = 1,867,000
Estonia = 1,315,000

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