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Ifa, Divination, Computer Science, 256 Odus

Ifa works with the unseen forces of the universe through the inter-play of the forces of expansion and the forces of contraction. The forces of expansion are symbolised by a single vertical line (I).

The forces of contraction are symbolised by a double set of vertical lines (II). These forces are seen as existing in eight dimensions which form two spheres, one inside the other. This sphere is symbolised through the use of two vertical columns. Each column is made up of four sets of either single or double vertical lines. 

Orunmila, in order to make access to the retrieval of the Divine Message (Ifa) easy, devised the computer compatible binary coding system, thousands of years before the emergence of computer consciousness in so-called modern man! So, Ifa is preserved in binary coded format and is output Parable - Format. Ifa is coded within 256 Odus or Corpus, each Odu representing an esoteric pigeon-hole, itself divisible into 256 sub-holes. Within each of the 256 Odus, there are1,680 Sacred Verses all presented in Parable - Format.Thus, the body of Ifa consists of 430,080 messages for mankind Prof. Olu Longe in His December 22, 1983 Inaugural lecture titled Ifa Divination And Computer Science asserted that Orunmila is one of the deities of the Yoruba while Ifa divination is a device for forecasting the future.

What has those two got to do with the high-tech world of computer science? 

Ifa is actually an ancient binary computer system which, in some inexplicable way, has successfully linked the probability of numbers with the complexities of the human condition and the ever complex flux of events. Ifa, Longe said, is based on the 8-bit pattern with its eight–piece divination chain, 16 major odu (chapters) and 256 odu in all. Bade Ajayi in his paper titled A New Model of Ifa Binary System stated that Orunmila, the Yoruba God of Wisdom and divination uses a geomantic system of divination to arrive at appropriate signs and employs Ifa verses to interpret the signs.

Bade Ajayi emphasised in his paper that communication with the Odu is achieved by means of a calculated mathematical framework based on the prescribed course of conduct required from each Odu. In fact, digital computer uses the binary system. anthropomancy is based on binary system and it is therefore a computer oriented science which can be used in mathematical education.
Like the computer, Yoruba

At a divination session, several Ibo (instruments for casting lot), may be used to find detail information about a client's problem. The commonest and simplest form of Ibo of Cowry Shells tied together representing types (1) and piece of animal bone representing “Iho” (0) This relates to computer language today, we need prediction (which is scientific and reliable) more than divination (which is religious and uncertain).

Considering the locio in the arms of the opele, the pairs should be punched (d) and there ‘bi’ pairs not punched (0) using this code paper model of Ifa -6-A-Bits computer model N has been developed. The 1st of the 3 images is the computer model worked out by Ifa's Opele. Ifa is also known as Voodoo in Haiti, Lucumi in Cuba, Obeah in the West Indies, Chamdole in the Caribbean and Sateria in Brazil. Including Sango Baptist.

Computer Science is the systematic study of the feasibility, structure, expression and mechanisation of the methodical processes (or algorithms).
It underlies the acquisition, representation, processing, storage, communication of and access to information, whether such information is encoded in bits and bytes in a computer memory or transcribed in genes and protein structures in a human cell.

The ikin (sacred kolanuts), the opele andother instruments are like the interfaces used to send inputs for processing. The opele is a divining chain consisting of two armsmade of 8 beads on both the left side and the right side.

Now, just like bits are arranged in different patterns of zeros and ones to form a particular binary number or digit. The binary number formed from the arrangement or combination of zeros and ones in Computer Science can be likened to an odu ifa in ifa divination.

The image at bottom left shows the opele nut combination. The concave or smooth side of a nut is represented as band the convex side is represented as f. The concave side is two strokes, 1 in binary and the convex side is a stroke, 0 in binary.

The right side is called the male, and the left is calledthe female. In Computer Science, a byte consists of eight bits and a nibble represents four bits. Thus the four beads on one side of an opele can be likened to a nibble and all eight nuts, is a byte in Computer Science.

Books: Prof. Olu Longe, Ifa Divination And Computer Science, Bade Ajayi, A New Model of Ifa Binary Systems

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