The Eurocentric timeline is based on radio-chronological, archaeological, and paleo-ecological data after 5000 B.C.E., anything before that is mostly speculations. It was on this data that the out of East Africa into the rest of the world hypothesis was based, in order to ultimately tally it with European history itself, incorporating human evolution and migration.

However, sometimes there are exceptions, in that recently discovered and uncovered, man-made objects, artwork and artefacts, under sediments, rocks and others, could be dated according to geological events pertaining to where they are found.

These discoveries and uncoverings, is turning the Eurocentric theory of human evolution and migration, on its head. This map may look like the drawing of a fool but I hope to link articles to every one of those dots.

I didn’t base my Black history research on the bible or the status quo. Black history didn't begin or end within the pages of a book that is merely 6,000 years old like the bible. King James was not the author of the bible. He had it translated by Jewish Scholars, who were also responsible for helping to set up the first schools of translation (Modern day Universities in Europe). There are over 1,200 mistakes made via transcription for King James Version.

However there are writings that came thousands of years before the unsubstantiated bible.  Such as The Gilgamesh Epics, the Upanishads, the Enuma Elish, Atra Hasis, Tablets of Tammuz and Ishthar, Adafa and Etana, Amuduat, Book of Caverns, Book of The Dead, Book of the Earth, Book of Fates, and so on.

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