Free Stuff

If you can't bring yourself to blag, there are loads of websites on which to hunt out the latest free offers. From perfume to pet food, it's all there if you can handle the hoops you have to jump through first.

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Freebiers Club UK
Best feature: If you are first to send in a new freebie you earn £1.
Freebies offered: Virgin Rail tickets, diamond jewellery, Rimmel Magnif'eyes mascara.
Freebie Hunters Blog
Best feature: Less headache-inducing layout due to blog format.
Freebies offered: An abundance of mobile phone simcards, 2007 Jack Daniels and Rosenberg Cheese calendars, Jelly Belly jellybeans.
Best feature: Clearly the free copy of Guardian Monthly magazine.
Freebies offered: Recently released DVDs, free screenings, downloadable clip of David Brent's dance.
Best feature: Refer friends to the site and you'll get a free PlayStation 3. Apparently.
Freebies offered: Kipper children's books, 30 free Kodak prints, a list of online shopping discount codes.
Freebies Bank
Best feature: You don't have to sign up to claim free offers.
Freebies offered: Condoms and lube, Barbie film tickets and the chance to win an actual Barbie!
Freebie Village
Best feature: More than 86,000 postings. And some good eco friendly offers.
Freebies offered: Seeds and seed gathering bags from Treecouncil, water-saving devices, plant pots and animal-free cosmetic samples.

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