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This is not a one topic black history blog. This blog is about black history in a bite-size. It aims to entertain, enlighten and empower you. By giving you a solid foundation on which to build your own black history project. 

We will deliver our content via many mediums like Animations, Poetry, Music, Games, Video and Books, including a companion website and other useful Websites.

I do not submit to the notion that Black people created everything because that would be a foolish as well as a racist assertion. However, there are many prominent Black and White researchers who can’t afford to publish their researches and those who can, including all the artefacts found, uncovered, discovered or recovered.  These researches are largely ignored by mainstream historians.

We see people not colour, we see your heart, not your race, for sometimes while you’re worst enemy is lying on the bed with you; your best friend might be lying in the shed. There are many great contributors to black history, past and present, who are of Caucasian origin. For them, it was, and still is about the truth, not colour. To them we can truly attach the term luminous truth, for these brave men and women dead or alive, had everything to lose and nothing to gain in telling the truth when they did. All of them would me mention along with their contributions.

What you will learn here are formidable stuff. So, be very careful with these newly acquired powerful knowledge because if you misuse it, you will end up with the 3Ds instead of 3Es. Dissolution, Disempowerment and Destruction instead of Entertainment, Enlightenment and Empowerment, which are contrary to the aims of this blog.


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